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by Pamela Russell

September 19, 1998



Oh my children how I welcome this day of praise for when thy praise fills the heavens even then do the angels above thee sing out in joyous chorus for mountains are moved with praise and governments fall thru praise.   For all that ye can offer unto me is thy praise—do I not know the hearts of men? Do I not hear the secret longings of thine hearts and do I not feel their tears? Yea, surely I have walked the earth even as ye have walked and I have felt life even as ye have felt life and have I not overcome?  It was not for me that I overcame, no, it was for thee.  All that I suffered upon the earth was for thee that ye may sit with me in my throne in that day.


Hold not back from praising and think not only of thine own needs for I see and know your needs—have ye ever been in need, have ye ever been in want?  Praise me for there is where I am found, for do I not occupy the praises of my people?  Yea, sing unto me a song of joy for the days are numbered and ye must not waste one of them for ye know not in what hour I may come—for I am coming.  Look up for your redeemer draweth nigh, saith the LORD.


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