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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

August 27, 1998


How oft have I heard the cries of my children, yet even then do I stretch forth my hand and save and even then do my people say, “all is now well with us, we shall return to our old ways.”  And again when the sudden destruction comes upon them do they cry out to me again.  It is a pattern of life with my children.  Yet think ye not that only of old am I speaking, for all that I have said through the prophets I have said unto ye all.


Does your land not run with the blood of the innocent?  I speak not of war but of murder.  Have ye not gone a-whoring among the nations who respect not my name?  Yea, have ye not taken them into thy bosom and called them they brothers?  Have ye not polluted thy children with the awful spewed out by the children of the evil one?  Look about thee and see that there is no honor for parents and no respect of elders, but all have been dismissed as an annoyance to the children of this day.


Oh, hear me now, saith the Lord, if I will not long look upon thy transgressions, but have I not loosed the bands of angels that hold back the winds of destruction?  Yea, one after another shall your land be struck until ye stand helpless before the enemy who shall see thy sad state and leap to attack thee.


But to those who love me and are called and chosen and elected, to them I give peace and joy and prosperity.  Ye are not to fear the wilderness before thee as your fathers did, for as I kept their shoes and clothes for forty years and gave them food and water and guided them day and night even so shall I do also unto thee.  Therefore fear not for I am with thee and I am in thee, saith Lord. 



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