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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

April 13, 1998


Rejoice this day, I say again, rejoice this day for ye are the children of the Most High.  Have I not begotten thee in thine innermost being?  Ye have opened thine heart unto me and I have come in unto thee and supped with thee; and should I now leave thee as a wanton stranger.  I say unto thee count the days as a woman who hath conceived for today the sun doth shine but tomorrow the clouds of “THE WRATH OF GOD” doth grow in the East and ye shall see it, Yea, ye shall see it.  For there is no honor given unto the Living God.  The Savior of all mankind is trodden under the feet of the self-righteous.  “How long? Ye cry. How long?”  I say unto thee count the days.  I say store up thy treasures in heaven. Where they are, ye are.


Seek my face always and with thy very breath praise.  Sing a new song of victory and see with thine own eyes the angels who are there everywhere to protect thee from the dark and heavy days.  The very earth cries out in an unspoken agony and wrenches and tears to bits the solid rock, for there is nothing that is solid or permanent on the earth save the Living Word.  I alone am He who hath held the earth in my hand, yea, and held back the wind and kept it from tearing, but alas, that day has come, yea, “THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD”, when all the earth shall moan for they have turned their back upon their salvation and will not hear.  Ye have chosen whom ye will serve and I love thee unto death, saith the Lord. 



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