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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

February 7, 1998


Have not I said unto thee that it is not for thee to know the day nor the hour --what it is for thee to know is that I dwell in thee and that in that day ye shall dwell with me in paradise.  For THE DAY OF HE LORD   cometh and no man can shorten the days only thy Father in heaven can shorten the days. Therefore, seek not to know the day nor the hour but seek to know me—for in me is the fulfillment of all things—I came into you that you might have life thru my death and resurrection.  Seek ye now the meat of the word for you are no longer children who must be nursed on milk—but have called thee my sons and in that place of sonship there are many responsibilities.  For I would require of you to enter unto that priesthood and serve me even as Aaron and his sons—ye are called to inter into the Holy of Holies and bring your petitions before the very throne, even the mercy seat of the Almighty--to hold one another inviolate in me, robed in the righteousness of the Most High.


Clothe thyself in thy prayer that ye may hear my voice and not another. Acknowledge me in all thy ways, for I am He who formed thee in thy mother’s womb and I have numbered the very hairs on thy head.  Love one another and pray without ceasing for the days are short and behold I come, yea, my hand is on the door.  Look up—for your redemption draweth nigh.  Set your slights above and not on the things of this world for its days are numbered.


Hold fast to the word of the Living God who went to the cross for thee and brought thee out of the kingdom of your earthly life into the kingdom of the Most High.  Sing praises unto your heavenly Father for therein ye dwelleth, saith the Lord.


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