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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


January 17, 1976


          Why standest thou about idle, have I not commanded unto thee that my word be spread. Have I not said unto thee the harvest, the harvest and the gleaners are few.  Yea, I have sent them with a scthye that they do collect the harvest.  But the gleaners, the gleaners, know ye not that there is wheat, wheat, wheat that hath fallen behind the Harvesters?  I have not sent thee into a solitude-- I have not hidden thee away that thou canst not go forth. Button up thy coat, do not stand by idle when thee is a need.  Within thee are rivers of living water.  Spread forth the water upon the parched earth that they may drink and thirst not.


In the beginning was the Word brought forth and this Word shall not return unto me void.  Even as in the beginning it brought forth that which was sent to be, according to the will of the Father.  Think ye not that I knowest not a way to send the Word; think ye not that I the Lord God knowest not the heart of man.  For by that Word were the worlds formed. Yea , I say unto thee the worlds were formed and in the beginning was the heart of God moved, yea, the heart of God moved upon the waters and separated the night from the day. Therefore I say unto thee, thou that speak my Word, speak my Word from the very heart that I have given unto thee.


 Have I not said unto thee that I was He who was smitten from the beginning.  Therefore knowest thee not I look upon the suffering and the pain and the distress of this chaotic whole world with indifference? O no, I say to thee for I have called thee with me to fill up the sufferings that were from the very beginning.  Honor this Word for we are willing to be thy servant O God; Honor this Word within our body and our minds and our souls that they may be conformed to that image which thou hast of us which we know not, yea, but which is in thine heart, for by that Word we do pray for those blessed ones that you have given to us this very night to pray for, saith the Lord.


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