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< SPAN style="font-size: 22.0pt">WORD OF PROPHECY

by Pamela Russell


 September 11, 1975


Search in my word, if ye would have answers, yea, answer the questions that are in your hearts and in your minds.  Search my word for behold there is an answer for everything that thou couldst ask. Yea, in my word for I have hidden nothing from thee, nay, I have laid it all out for thee.  Each day, yea I have laid out for thee and though I have come to that time when the days indeed are shortened, the days indeed are shortened for were I not to shorten the days there would surely be no flesh saved upon the earth.


For think ye that in that time that cometh that ye shall have that great and mighty moment when you could as in times past throw yourself even upon the horns of the altar?  And think ye that the mountain will not fall on thee or that the building will not collapse under thee?  Think ye that ye know what is to come upon thee?  Thou canst not know, thou canst not know.


Surely thou hast read of the destruction, yea, of  Jerusalem; that was done by armies, that was done by man.  And behold, I say unto thee that the destruction that cometh shall be done by me, yea, by the power of God.  For have I not sent forth my warning?  Have I not declared my intent?  Have I not stretched forth the news, yea, even from coast to coast?  Have I not used every means to tell the people—GET THEE FROM THE COAST,  GET THEE FROM THE COAST?  Surely they would respond, but still in their hearts, they say, oh not now, not to us, no, it cannot happen here.  Still, yea, have I said this unto them.


And have I not planted thee even as a seed in dry ground that thou wouldst grow and grow even unto that place which I have prepared?  Have I not prepared other places, yea, surely my servants do inhabit the earth.  They are refuge, yea, they are sanctuaries. But there is no horns on which they can throw themselves. There is no place of sanctuary that is not of me. I say unto thee think ye well, think ye well upon these days for they are shortened, yea, they are shortened and that which cometh upon thee thou canst not imagine.  Surely, even ye who are my children and even ye who doth hold out thy hearts in thy hand unto me shall shake and quiver in fear.  I say unto thee lift thy hands up to me, yea, lift thy hands up unto me and I shall save thee, yea, out of all that transpires.


Give unto me all that thou hast, yea, all that thou has I shall preserve. Thou hast children whom thou lovest, yea, and I can preserve them for thee.  Thou has husbands, thou hast wives, thou hast mothers. Thou hast fathers, thou hast brothers, thou hast sisters, yea, all them thou hast I shall bless and cover. But I say unto thee, know ye not that what ye ask is hard?  It is a hard way. I have said, yea, in my word that ye should seek and pray that these days not find thee.  And yet in your hearts ye have reached out and prayed “Come Lord Jesus , come quickly.”   And thou knowest for thou hast read, thou hast seen my word, thou hast eaten it.  Thou knowest when thou prayest come quickly Lord Jesus that all these things shall come to pass also. For be hold, I cannot come until these thing all be fulfilled as thou knowest.  Yet I say unto thee, look up for thy redemption draweth nigh. And I say unto thee, behold, yea, I am at the door.  Yea, my hand is upon the latch, yea, wilt thou open unto me, or will thy hands slip upon the door for they are filled with myrrh? I say unto thee follow thou me, for behold, therein is thy salvation, sayth the Lord.


The fields are ripe with grain, they are white and waving.   Behold, they stand forth and wave in the wind.  Run into the fields, run into the fields, gather, glean, store up. Store up, store up, yea, store up against that day when the ground shall no longer bring forth.  The rain shall no longer bring its blessings upon the earth. Yea, yea, yea, run, run to the fields, yea, gather the corn and gather the wheat, and gather the flax, and gather the rye, and gather the grain, run ye, run ye.  Behold I have had my hand stretched forth, yea, have I not held back the four corners of  the heavens until I have sealed my children?  THOU ART CALLED BY MY NAME.  Have I not sealed thee?  If thou art called by my name then thou art my children, yea, I have begotten thee.  Thou hast been begotten of my heart.  Thou hast been begotten of the blood that I did shed for thee. Yea, the word of the living God is indeed thy meat and drink.  And I say unto thee, devour it.  For even as the rain upon the ground even so is the heavenly rain upon thee.  That heavenly rain that doth uplift thee, that doth reveal unto thee all that thy Father hath to say unto thee.  I say unto thee lift up thy hearts and devour that book.  For it shall be taken from thee, purgeth from thee, and they shall hunt thee for behold they seek only a man for their God.  I shall give unto thee, yea, armor fit to wear against that enemy.  I shall put words in thy mouth sharper than a two edged sword.  Words that cometh from above to comfort they that are in need, to rebuke they that doth blaspheme. I say unto thee THOU ART CALLED BY MY NAME AND I HAVE BEGOTTEN THEE.  THOU ART  MINE AND THOU KNOWEST MY VOICE.  Blessed is that child who cometh at the sound of his father’s voice, for he knowest that he is loved, yea, and that he doth respond in loving kindness.



 Lament ye that day when my word shall be taken from thee,  Repent, yea, repent ye of all thy transgressions. How petty indeed are thy bickerings, how petty indeed, are thy faults.  I say unto thee love thee one another even as I have loved thee, and have given my life for thee.  For behold, I am he who was dead and am alive for evermore.  And if me, then thou also for surely thou and I are one.  If thou doth believe, yea, on my name then thou shalt also receive.  Greater things than these shalt thou do, did I not say unto thee, and these that I did were unto the flesh.  I say unto thee, when thou doth my will, thou doest heal the spirit, and thou doest heal the soul, and thou doest heal the inner man and behold that is greater.  So many are crippled among you, not in thy body, but in thy soul.  Blessed is he who can heal.  Blessed is he who can say “Jessus, Jessus, Jesus can heal thee.”  For behold, if thou doth confess my name before thy brethren I shall confess thy name before my Father which is in Heaven, saith the Lord.



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