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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


September 6, 1974



I would not have ye stiff-necked and rebellious.   I will not have sons to be stiff-necked and rebellious.  Are ye my servants or would thee have me to be thy servant?  Am I to raise thee up or are thee to raise me? Which of thee has sacrificed unto blood?  Which of thee?  Yea, ye have bled in thy purse and ye have bled in thy pride and ye have bled in thy stubbornness, but ye have not yet suffered unto blood.  Nay, ye have not yet been persecuted for my sake. Thou hast been persecuted for thine own name’s sake, and thy name is dust. My Name is Life.


Thou hast not given unto me that which I have given unto thee.  I have given unto thee Life.  Thou hast given unto me dust.  I require of thee thy lives. Here this day upon this ground I do require of thee thy life that I may use thee as tools, that I may use thee as my right hand, that I may raise thee up so that when I say unto thee “Now is the hour, now is the time.  This day thou shalt move out and conquer”. Then in that day I would have of thee obedience. I would not have thee to question that which thy God hath saith

unto thee.


Oh my children, ye are no longer babes that ye would suckle at the breast of thy Mother Church.  Need I send thee to a Sunday School that ye must learn that this and that is so? Do I not dwell in thee and thou in me?  Have I not cleft my side for thee—pierced, pierced by the sword: have I not taken thee and hidden within that pierced side that ye may know wherein thy power lieth—wherein thy strength is? For if thou looketh to one another, if thou looketh to another man, behold, ye shall fine dust.  There is no power, nay, on this Earth that can save thee.  Thee is no power on this Earth that can raise thee up.  There is no power on this Earth that ye can cling to nor depend upon.  There is no security. That Rock alone wherein is cleft for thee, my very heart upon that cross at Calvary, there, there is thy strength and thy security.  There and there alone can ye see where ye must move and

where ye must go.


 Ye cannot have any faith in one another that ye think ye can depend upon on this earth.  For there is not a living creature that hath that strength.  I say unto thee that the love that I have given unto thee is that strength and that power.  Ye cannot turn to one another. Ye can only turn in. For behold, within ye, each of ye, have I planed that great seed—the power of which doth run the universe.


 Yea, the power of that love which did give up a human life upon the cross, that love which did take that life and raise it again within the tomb and did break the earthly bound—that power is thine if thou canst take the scales from off thine eyes and look not to one another. Look not to the things of this world. For behold, thou hast dust in thy mouth when thou seekest praise for glory from this world.  Ye are children not of this world.  Ye are of the Kingdom and that Kingdom cannot co-inhabit this kingdom.


 For behold, this is but the beginning of troubles, this is but the beginning of sorrows.  This is the time in which ye must rejoice within thyself.  For behold, the harder it becomes upon this earth, the sooner that great and mighty day of God doth burst forth.  And ye shall know the power that doth hold the atom together.  Ye shall hold that power!  For ye are my sons.  And when I give unto thee that great moment and ye shall see me and I shall see thee and behold, we shall be one, saith he Lord.


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