George Hawtin

What an impact George Hawtin had on our present generation! A bold incisive writer with a mastery of the English language and a vision of the deep things concerning the Sons of God. George was a refuge from the ministry in Organized Christianity. Discovering the truth he went independent and began writing a monthly booklet called The Page. In later life, when he retired from active writing, he consolidated his life's work, grouped his writings in The Page into related subjects, and reprinted them all as a new series called Treasures of Truth. George lived in Ontario, Canada and wrote between 1960 - 1983. The Henry's and Russell's grew up reading his work.

Click below to see some of his works (updated regularly):

Treasures of Truth, volume 2, "Seed for the Sower and Bread for the Eater."  Divine Revelation

Treasures of Truth Vol. 19, "Seven Baskets Full": The Six Statements of Malachi.  Seven Baskets Full


The writings of George Hawtin and A. P. Adams are available from:


Treasures of Truth

P.O. Box 99

Eagle, Idaho  83616  USA

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