September 2002 Weekend Meetings
with Dan & Ladona Henry & Garrison & Zandy Russell


Held at a home in Edmonton on September 13 - 15, 2002, most everyone who attended were thoroughly blessed, encouraged and challenged by the word that was shared. The following list of audio files shows the general topics that were touched on during each of the evening and daytime meetings. Be prepared to be challenged as you listen to the message they bring.

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 A  U  D  I  O      F  I  L  E  S


Tape/CD 1 - Dan Henry shares on many topics regarding Sonship - 58 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 Introduction to God's plan
02 Our Father is Sovereign
03 Ultimately we will not need grace
04 When do we first receive the Spirit?
05 The Laws become promises when we get the other half
06 He wants to manifest Himself in frail humanity
07 Jesus came to give us Life
08 A magnificent plan – Heb. 2
09 Not limited by anything
10 Subjected all things to Man
11 The reason for the veil of tears
12 Not ashamed to call us brethren
13 The reason we have been created
14 Our Father nurtures us as children
15 Goodness & mercy shall follow you
16 The apostle Paul gave all

Tape/CD 2 - Dan Henry continues his sharing on many topics concerning Sonship - 60 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 The Cup the Father gives
02 Jesus didn't defend Himself because He was guilty
03 Israel divorced by the Father
04 Rachel (the church system) is under attack
05 What's left is Benjamin - the handful of corn
06 Holy myriad’s of Himself to rule
07 Judah is Mine
08 It's not enough to accept His will
09 Dan shares some miraculous experiences
10 We are co-inheritors with Jesus Christ
11 Yahweh's will can't be the most important thing IN your life
12 Transfer of the Sprit life
13 We go from sonship to fatherhood
14 God called Abraham His friend
15 How valuable is obtaining His righteousness
16 Resurrection defined
17 Trinity doctrine refuted
18 It cost Him His life to give it, it will cost you yours to get it
19 What it will be to rule & reign with Him
20 Work out your OWN salvation
21 Three necessary things for us to do
22 The first Adam has to receive, the second Adam has to give
23 I have cursed America with prosperity
24 Walk comfortably with your Father


Tape/CD 1 - Dan Henry shares on the Oneness of God - 58 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 The Trinity is a false teaching
02 Governmental structures
03 It is so important to understand the fallacy
04 Jesus is one with the Father
05 The actual Lord's Prayer - John 17
06 We came out of Him
07 The offices of King & Priest come together in Jesus
08 Jesus prays for just the First Fruits
09 One with Jesus AS He is one with the Father
10 We enter the birthing process
11 He's the first born among many brothers
12 We receive the power to also reproduce
13 That we may be ONE
14 The glory is LIFE
15 He loves us so much
16 He will love with the same capacity as Him
17 His spirit sons receive a double portion
18 He ascended who also descended
19 The blood covers only the First Born
20 He is giving birth to children

Tape/CD 2 - Dan Henry shares some of his own journey and then through John 17, and the creation from Genesis 1 - 63 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 Being prepared to empathize
02 Closer to the beginning of time than to the end
03 How many galaxies are out there?
04 The reason for the Second Death
05 Under a different administration
06 Pride versus gratitude
07 Expansion on the reason for the Second Death
08 The purpose of the Thousand Year Period
09 Turn to Genesis 1
10 The sun & moon are made to appear
11 The universe was created in harmony
12 The earth was covered by a canopy
13 At one time there were no polar ice caps
14 He is going to heal the land
15 The earth's latitudinal lines are constantly shifting
16 But the princes (Sons) will be ruling
17 Putting on the mind of Christ
18 The expanding universe
19 Planet earth is the womb
20 Making known the manifold wisdom of God
21 The Alpha & Omega
22 What is the purpose of the galaxies?
23 He is not limited to time
24 We must lose our head to gain our Head
25 Living stones fashioned in the quarry
26 Let's turn to Romans 8
27 There's a war going on
28 The carnal mind must be eliminated
29 Standing on the heads of the five kings
30 If the Spirit dwells in you, you are pregnant
31 It's not a small thing to be a son of God
32 Heirs of Yahweh
33 If we suffer with Him
34 The creation will be delivered
35 Hope is always before us

Tape/CD 3 - Dan Henry goes through Romans 8, and reads George Washington's Vision of the world wars. Shares the Coat of Arms print they developed as well. - 67 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 He is the first born among many brethren
02 John 3:16 in the light of Sonship
03 Can we resist Him when He gives to us?
04 Paul had the love of God perfected in him
05 He is entrusting the universe to safe sons
06 His will must be more important than your life
07 To whom much is given much is required
08 Dan sees Paul in prison
09 More discussion about the part WE play in our development
10 Goliath is slain by the Christ-Man within
11 We begin to identify with the Christ inside
12 Don't give opportunity for the flesh to have expression
13 The highest form of worship is obedience
14 Choosing His will
15 He isn't going to take control, He has had it all along
16 The swimmer swimming the English Channel
17 Two reasons for trial in our lives
18 He will never leave us comfortless
19 Who had more experience with the Lord than Peter?
20 He will be able to say If you've seen me, you've seen the Father
21 Jesus Raised Lazarus

22 George Washington's vision
23 Dan talks about the current situation in North America

24 Dan shares the Coat Of Arms print they developed


Tape/CD 1 - Garrison Russell shares the plan of God for us, His sons - 56 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 Thrust them through!
02 Vision of the screen man
03 Dream of tears
04 The overcoming process is why we're here
05 His ways are higher
06 God created all things
07 He is absolutely sovereign
08 Man
09 Elohim is creative & feminine
10 Mankind simply defined
11 The two trees
12 The introduction of the carnal mind
13 Jesus Christ
14 Jesus was never at enmity to His Father
15 The baptism of Jesus
16 The Trinity doctrine refuted

Tape/CD 2 - Garrison Russell concludes the plan of God for us, His sons. Garrison shares his own testimony of how the book SonPlacing came into being (CD Only) - 68 Minutes

Or listen to individual topics below...
01 Gethsemane experience
02 The breathed on them
03 Spiritual conception
04 The maturing process
05 Conception, gestation, birth
06 How the growth occurs
07 Discussion on the cross
08 The Seed is everything
09 Garrison’s son becomes a pilot
10 The genetics are in the Seed
11 Love & forgiveness
12 Discussion on forgiveness
13 God is sovereign over everything
14 What exactly does it mean to forgive?
15 Xulon
16 More on the Gethsemane experience
17 Christ in you
18 The result

19 46 Years Equals 46 chromozomes

20 How Garrison's book, SonPlacing came about


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